Rebates Forex



Rebate: 1.7 pips

How to start receiving rebates

STEP 1: Sign up for a free account with us

This is the most important step to start receiving rebates!

STEP 2: Open A New Account at Instaforex

STEP 3: Send us your full name, name of the broker, and your account number using our Contact Us form

This information is used to verify your account.  Once verified, you will see your broker and account number in your user account profile.

STEP 4: Select the payment method in your user profile so we know where to send your rebates

Make sure you fill out all the necessary information for the payment method you wish to use (ie. Bank account information, PayPal email address, etc.) 

STEP 5: Fund your Instaforex account and start trading to receive rebates on every trade

It's that easy!  If you have additional questions please review our FAQ section or feel free to contact us at any time!

If you aren't able to open an account through our link, make sure to put 'BJKX' in the affiliate section of the new account registration

Note: Must close trades with at least 1 point profit/loss for that trade to qualify for a rebate.
InstaForex frowns upon using strategies aimed at deriving profits from affiliate commissions and rebates. So limit scalping strategies and trades closed within 5 minutes from opening or they might remove you from our rebate group.

How to receive rebates on an existing account

If you do not have a rebate partner:

You do not need open new account.

Just send an email request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to put your account under our partner group.

Our Partner Code: BJKX

Make sure to reference our partner code in the email.

If you do have a rebate partner:

Follow the steps above (How to start receiving rebates)

Then from your Insta cabinet transfer funds from your old account to the new one.



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